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Tag: palindrome


Palindrome Program in C++

In this tutorial (Palindrome Program in C++) we going to talk about a C++ program to check the string if it is palindrome or not. The program used for executing this code is Microsoft Visual Studio which has many version last one is 2011.Visual studio can be used to create Windows applications (or Desktop applications) […]


Palindrome Code Simulation at Proteus Using Atmega16

So its time to test our program. If you still unfamiliar that what we are doing so here a little introduction for you.We are Making an palindrome code in assembly language. First we developed our logic then we wrote a code and we had saved this code in hex file and now we are going […]

Binary code

Palindrome Program Using Assembly Language Code

In this post we will write Palindrome Program Using Assembly Language Code. For basic concept for Palindrome Program please take a look at my previous post “Palindrome Program Using Assembly Language Basic Concept” Please note that the register may not be same as i used in previous post. start: LDI R16,0X00 LDI R17,0XFF LDI R28,0X04 […]


Palindrome Program Using Assembly Language Basic Concept

Today we are going to make an program which will show that number is Palindrome or not using Assembly Language for Atmega16.Here is our question. Write a code that detects whether a number is Palindrome or not . If they are equal set the 5th bit of DDRC and PORTC registers. Otherwise set the 3rd […]