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Bluetooth Serial Port Communication Testing Using HyperTerminal

If you want to make a PC controlled robot or any other Bluetooth project where you want things to be done using Bluetooth you may need serial port communication. In this tutorial I will show you how to connect and get data at HyperTerminal.

I don’t have an external Bluetooth right now so I am going to use my NOKIA Bluetooth for communication but if you are using Bluetooth module believe me it will be same.

So first of all download HyperTerminal if you are using windows 7 or windows 8 because Windows XP has its own hyper terminal. I am using Windows8 so I have downloaded a free version of hyper terminal. you can download it from ( and install it.

Now turn on your laptop Bluetooth and remove your device if its already paired. Now again  connect your device to your laptop and open Bluetooth Settings dialog.



Under COM Ports tab you will see all the ports that your device is using.Ports will only visible if you are device is properly connected and able to send or receive data. I am not sure about ANDROID devices because ports were not visible when I tested last time.

Now open you HyperTerminal and create a new connection.


After clicking on ok following dialog will appear and it will ask which port you want to use for this connection. I am selecting COM5 because its my outgoing port according to Bluetoothsettings dialog.


Now it will ask about Port Settings. Click at Restore Default and press ok. But if you are communicating with other device where you have set baud rate some thing else than 9600 then you must have to change it.


and after pressing OK you will see status has been changed to connected in your hyperterminal.


Now write “AT” in you hyperterminal. And in response mobile will send “OK” and then write “ATI” Command and it will return device name.


You can also google other commands according to your needs. Now the HyperTerminal testing is done and you can move forward to make an application for your robot. You can use C#, Java, MATLAB or any other language which you think better for your application. Thank you for reading Bluetooth Serial Port Communication Testing Using HyperTerminal. .

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