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Brief Introduction On Email


A Brief Introduction On Email

Email, sometimes written as e-mail, is simply the shortened form of “electronic mail,” a system for receiving, sending, and storing electronic messages. It has gained nearly universal popularity around the world with the spread of the Internet. In many cases, email has become the preferred method for both personal and business communication.


Emails has been a very essential communication tool in this age of technology, and with the growing number of businesses doing transactions online, the email is indeed a great tool in managing your business. Even for personal use or organizational use, it has become a part of our everyday lives – from communicating with friends to closing a deal, to applying for a new job or for almost any other transaction we do online. In fact, most services on the internet, even social networking sites, would ask you your email address before you could use their services. Indeed, the importance of email is everywhere. Email is an Internet marketing tool that is fast, easy to use, inexpensive and effective. Email levels the playing field between the big corporations and small businesses. No longer is it just the big boys who have the resources to access the big advertising houses. Anyone can get their word out there using Email as the method of delivering the message.

Email communication is absolutely essential for most companies and individuals.The problem is that it is increasingly used as a method of attack by the outsiders and a source of information loss .e.g : spam,phising,viruses,spyware,trojans spread by e-mail etc.

Email has changed the way we do business. Sure, people complain about the amount of Email they receive. But when all is said and done, using Email has impacted business in a positive way and has the edge over other methods of communication. Here are five advantages of using Email: Managing Email is Easy You can manage all your correspondence on screen and so can your customers. Your proposal can be answered, revised, stored, and sent to others, all without reams of paper involved. Email is Fast Mail is delivered instantly from your office to anywhere in the world. No other method of delivery can provide this service.Timely buying and selling decisions can be made in a heartbeat. Email is Inexpensive Compared to telephone calls, faxes, or over night courier service.

Email is less expensive. Email is Easy to filter The subject line on an Email makes it easy to prioritize messages. The reader can identify ritical correspondence quickly and dealt with it immediately. Unlike regular mail which needs to be opened and reviewed, or voice mail which requires you to either listen to or scan all your messages for those that require immediate attention. Transmission is Secure and Reliable The level of security in transmitting Email messages is very high, and the industry continues to strive to develop even tighter security levels. Email is private. Often telephone and fax messages are not. If the address information is correct, rarely does an Email go astray. Fax machines can be out of order or out of paper and this prevents an important message from being delivered in a timely manner.

Here are some disadvantages Although e-mail itself has many benefits, some drawbacks do exist, some of which are,The sender could send viruses and malware through attachments if recipient doesn’t scan it. Your inbox is subject to spam and unwanted ads from may sources which could be a nuisance and could cause you to delete some of your personal messages Emails “bounce” between different servers all over the world before reaching you and could be stolen or modified by any knowledgeable hacker.Emails could be misunderstood especially if the email is miswritten by the sender. A long email could cause the recipient to lose interest and stop reading the email altogether.

E-mail is not an effective means of communication when,your message is long and complicated or requires additional discussion that would best be accomplished face-to-face. For example, if you want feedback from your supervisor on your work or if you are asking your professor a question that requires more than a yes/no answer or simple explanation, you should schedule a meeting instead.Information is highly confidential. E-mail is never private. Keep in mind that your message could be forwarded on to other people without your knowledge. A backup copy of your e-mail is always stored on a server where it can be easily retrieved by interested parties, even when you have deleted the message and think it is gone forever.


Email is very good for those people who’s family members friends are very far away and even when you feel lonely.Overall email is a good method to instantly contact someone worldwide and share files easily.The first use of internet was for the purpose of communicating and that is primarily to this day still done through e-mail,so we can say that is a best tool for instant communication

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