The OSI Reference Model and Seven Layers of OSI

The OSI Reference Model and Seven Layers of OSI. When Doret invented solid chocolates he needed a way to deliver it to people undamaged so he thought to cover it. He also decided that for good delivery why not to put covered chocolates in boxes and why not to even cover these boxes for better […]

pcspim download free

Download PCSpim Free

PCSpim is Free version of Spim do code MIPS32 programs. It reads and executes assembly language programs written for this processor. Getting Started with PCSpim When PCSpim is installed, it adds an entry to your start menu called PCSpim. Click on it and PCSpim will start running. When PCSpim starts, it pops up a large […]


Fibonacci Sequence Program in Assembly

Fibonacci sequence is a sequence of numbers where each new number is the addition of the previous to numbers. This sequence is highly mysterious because it shows up in a lot of natural phenomenons. The seeds of the sunflower are arranged in this sequence and the size of the shell spacing between a sea shells […]


Factorial Program in Assembly

Factorials are used all the time in math. Have you ever wanted to make a program that could calculate the factorial of a number you want. Well here is an assembly code that will calculate the factorial of 5. If you want to change the number of which you want the factorial just make some minor […]


What is networking? Learn Networking Very Basic

PAN Suppose that your friend invited you to play “Need For Speed” with him, so you brought your laptop and brought your LAN cable and connected it to his computer to play.At this point you created a network, a very simple network (maybe the simplest at all) which called PAN or “Personal Area Network”, which […]


Palindrome Program in C++

In this tutorial (Palindrome Program in C++) we going to talk about a C++ program to check the string if it is palindrome or not. The program used for executing this code is Microsoft Visual Studio which has many version last one is 2011.Visual studio can be used to create Windows applications (or Desktop applications) […]


LCD interface with Microcontroller using C Language (Part 2)

In this tutorial LCD interface with Microcontroller using C Language (Part 2) we will display characters on LCD that is pressed by keypad. Before sending any command or data to LCD, we need to check for the busy flag of LCD to know if the LCD is ready to take command or data or not. […]


Interfacing a 12 Button Keypad with Microcontroller

Today we will look at Interfacing a 12 Button Keypad with Microcontroller. Keypad is a set of button connected in rows and columns. One needs to scan all rows and columns to check which particular button was pressed. This is explained with the help of 12 button keypad and a BCD 7 segment display in […]


Palindrome Code Simulation at Proteus Using Atmega16

So its time to test our program. If you still unfamiliar that what we are doing so here a little introduction for you.We are Making an palindrome code in assembly language. First we developed our logic then we wrote a code and we had saved this code in hex file and now we are going […]

Binary code

Palindrome Program Using Assembly Language Code

In this post we will write Palindrome Program Using Assembly Language Code. For basic concept for Palindrome Program please take a look at my previous post “Palindrome Program Using Assembly Language Basic Concept” Please note that the register may not be same as i used in previous post. start: LDI R16,0X00 LDI R17,0XFF LDI R28,0X04 […]