Web Training And Development Short Courses

Optimum Solutions brings the finest web training and development short courses solutions. These short courses are not only enhancing the capability but also give the useful skills. The main purpose is to introduce these courses to boost the concept of self-employment in Pakistan. Now a days the situations of Pakistan’s economy not so good and […]


How to send email through java

  This article is to let you people know that how to send an email through java. It is the class where all the attributes are defined and the function is called from another class named emailDemo.   import java.util; import javax.mail; import javax.mail.internet; import java.util.Properties; import javax.mail.Message RecipientType; import javax.mail.MessagingException; import javax.mail.Session; import javax.mail.Transport; […]


Creating Simple Android Vehicle Tracking System Application

Creating Vehicle Tracking system is very common project in Engineering field. It can easily accomplish using a simple GSM & GPS moduleS. Which will send a location message on your mobile after a specific interval.  The project can be enhance and can be more attractive if you create a android application and web portal. Which […]


Android Robot Control using Bluetooth and Accelerometer

Last semester I just finished a  part of my final year project. The main objective was to control robot using Bluetooth. It was very easy and interesting task. There are some great tutorial about Bluetooth but its difficult for someone who really don’t know that how all android stuff works especially Electrical Engineers. I got […]


How To Make A Simple Media Player In Visual Studio 2010

How To Make A Simple Media Player In Visual Studio 2010 Download Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 and start making your first cd player program.It is very simple cd player project in visual C++ 2010.It is built using windows form application with 5 or more buttons doing their respective tasks.Visual C++ 2010 makes everything very easy,everything […]

programming tutorials windows8 users

Programming Tutorials for Windows 8 Users

Programming Tutorials There are lot of resource available at internet to learn any programming language. But if you have windows 8 then you can learn any language free of cost. Programming Tutorials is a collection of selected screencasts. Application developers will find information on exciting topics in more than 1,000 videos. This application include tutorials […]


Multiply Arrays using Dynamic Allocation

To understand this code problem you many need to study. Matrices Multiplication Pointers Dynamic Memory Allocation Multiply Arrays using Dynamic Allocation Problem Multiply arrays of multi-dimension. Array dimension will be specify at run time(hint: use dynamic allocation concept). CODE //Lab Task 2 Multiplication of arrays at runtime #include<iostream> using namespace std; void main() { //Array […]


Array of Structures in C++

Some time we need to make Array of Structures in C++. We may face problem statement as below. Statement Write a program that declares a structure to store id, pages and price of a book. It defines an array of structures to store the records of five books. It inputs the record of five books […]


Generate Table In C++ with N lenght

Tables are a really basic part of mathematics.  From a very beginning, children are taught tables because of their integral part in future studies. Have you ever wanted to have a program that could give you a table of any number you want up till how much you want it. Well in the following program […]