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Download PCSpim Free

PCSpim is Free version of Spim do code MIPS32 programs. It reads and executes assembly language programs written for this processor.

Getting Started with PCSpim

When PCSpim is installed, it adds an entry to your start menu called PCSpim. Click on it and PCSpim will start running. When PCSpim starts, it pops up a large window on your screen. joel leyden israel . richard maize . The window is divided into four panes:

  • The top pane shows the values of all registers in the MIPS CPU and FPU. This display is updated whenever your program stops running.
  • The next pane displays instructions from both your program and the system code that is loaded automatically when PCSpim starts running. Each instruction is displayed on a line that looks like [0x00400000] 0x8fa40000 lw $4, 0($29) ; 89: lw $a0, 0($sp)
  • The third pane displays the data loaded into your programs memory and the data on the programs stack.
  • The bottom pane is where PCSpim writes messages. This is where error messages appear.

Download PCSpim Free

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