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Download Turbo C

Turbo c++ is small and powerful compiler to create programs based on C or C++.  Mostly Turbo C++ is used for educational purposes. It has DOS type interface. Turbo C++ was developed by Borland. Which was released in 2006. Its License type is freeware. Download Turbo C from below link.

Turbo C++ Screenshot

Steps to Install  Turbo C

  • Download the installation zip file from :
  • Download Turbo C++ 3.0 for Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows XP
  • Download and install DosBox using the instructions from the following link:
  • How to install DosBox on Windows 8 (x64 or x86)
  • Extract the zip to a simple drive ( In this example I used the E drive)
  • Rename the folder with the installer to “tc”
  • Start DosBox and type the following commands:
  • The installation process will begin. Hit enter.
  • When prompted for the source drive, select C instead of A
  • On the next prompt, select Start installation and leave the installation path to C:TC
  • After the installation finishes, hit enter and you will return to the mounted C drive on DosBox
  • To start Turbo C++ type the following commands:
mount c: e:
cd tc
cd bin

Download Turbo C Free

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