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Electrical Engineering Study and Scope

Right now a lot of people will be free from there Higher education studies and will be thinking of choosing a career path for them. Choosing a career can be a difficult process which requires a lot of thinking and judgment for it affects the rest of your life. What profession degree you choose and the subjects that you learn will effect which careers you can join in the later stages of your life immensely. In this series we will cover the major jobs and careers and will guide you in choosing them. The focus of this article is engineering.

Most of you who have done there majors in Pre engineering will be looking forward to joining this discipline but engineering is not a single discipline. It is widespread and diverges into a lot of little branches. So what field do you want to enter and choose as your interest?

In this article we will focus our attention to a very vast field i.e. Electrical or electronics engineering.

Electricity is what makes this world run, to think of a present or future without electricity would be very difficult and therefore engineers that focus their skills and crafts towards electric components and electronics are and will forever be needed in society and the tech world.

If you have done a pre engineering course in your higher school studies then you have done the first phase of being an electrical engineer correctly. Afterwards you should join a credited and reputed university that specializes in electrical engineering so that after the completion of your professional degree you may join the field immediately.
The major courses you will study during your studies will be

  • Electric circuit analysis
  • Basic Electronics
  • Advanced level Electronics
  • Control systems
  • Digital logic and design

While you will be given the chance to do your specialization in the following fields

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Very large scale integrated circuits.
  • Embedded systems and design
  • Digital system and design.

Electrical Engineer Future job scoop:

As already mentioned before, the necessity for an electrical or electronics engineer will be ever present owning to the substantial dependence on electricity and electrical equipment. Therefore there is no fear that the market will ever run dry of jobs related to electronics engineers.

Potential Departments of Employment:

  • As a lab engineer working on bringing new technology to the market and designing and implementing new inventions.
  • In embedded systems, Every electrical component utilizes countless embedded chips and circuitry that are produced and manufactured by Electrical engineers.
  • As a power/field engineer, working on power transmission on High level power grids and electric stations.
  • As a electrical adviser to top multinational brands such as dawlance, LG etc.

Electrical Engineer Pay Scale:

According to a survey abroad (UK and USA) an electrical electronics engineer can expect to earn 550$ per week (aged 21-25) and then 1150$ per week (above previous mentioned age). The expected pay scale of a electrical engineer abroad is 80K$ per annum.

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  • Waleed

    Is ectrical engineering is better or computer science????

    • http://mycomsats.com/ Nauman

      Each field has its own value. If you are good in math you should go for engineering. But if you do computer science you can get job very easily.