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Engineer or Doctor Stop Pushing your Child

In Pakistan, since a very long time, it is believed customary that parents choose the carrier path of their children, and mostly it is deemed respectable by many to see their children become doctors or engineers. After a long sprint of education, it is a highly mundane taboo that these two are the only major decent career paths. Even after facing much modernization after President Musharaf’s dictatorship rule, still people think that there these two careers are the only ones that would tag the successful completion of their children’s education. Engineer or Doctor Stop Pushing your Child.

There is a term called the ‘helicopter parents’. This term refers to those parents who love to hover over their children’s lives and control it according to their own terms. These are the precise parents who think that doctor-engineer is the only respectable field and their child should follow either one of these.  These kinds of parents don’t let their children decide for themselves which leads them to be incapable for making their own choices. This leads them to their lack of good judgment. What they don’t know is that when they try to control their children’s lives and limit them to specific careers, they are stunning their child’s learning and choosing process.

getty_rf_photo_of_young_girl_stressed_from_fighting_parentsWho decides that these are the right paths for their children? Who knows the future? Will they fit into, or adopt these strictly chosen carriers, perfectly, or would these be totally opposite to their abilities? Which career is most compatible with their personalities and interests?

The answers to these questions are not very simple or straight. First of all, as part of an evolving society, we all, especially our parents, should shun these typical taboos and widen our horizons. The world has moved forward and it is still advancing at a fast pace, as we know it. There are much numerous new fields and careers sprouting up. The world is not just confined to engineers and doctors anymore. And if our parents keep on confining our options to these two fields than they’re not just stopping us from walking hand in hand with the world, but also hindering our own success.

Every child had his own capability and powers. Not everybody is fit to become a doctor or an engineer. If the parents think that they can impose these careers on their children, they are stripping them of their free will. If a child is blood phobic and at the same time, not good at mathematics, then according to these typical thinking parents, these kind of children aren’t good enough for any career at all? Isn’t it a bit ironic and unfair?

Even if we look at it through a need based angle, there is still a need of many doctors and engineers in the world. But now there are so many new emerging technologies that need new fields which lead to vast career paths. Nowadays people can have their options open. No matter if a person is not good in math or biology, it doesn’t mean that his career is over. The parents should try to help the children figure out which skill in him is the best to pursue as a full career, and let him choose it for himself. I can give you a list of a few examples that today’s generation can follow as their life career, which are equally respectable.

Cloud Computing:

If you are good with computers there is a new field for you. It involves how the data is stored and manipulated and made available anywhere in the world. It also involves e-business. It provides a means for accessible and portable data storage. Through cloud computing power, apps infrastructure, business processes and collaborations are delivered to user world wide as integrated services. This job position requires a major degree in computing.


Jobs in this sector focus on anti-virus software and secure encryption for confidential information. Others study computer files that look normal but include hidden information, like a security map of an airport. This section deals with anti virus soft wares. It involves successful encryption and decryption of sensitive and valuable information. A normal looking file may include cryptic and concealed information that only the person who created it or the person who has its key to de crypto, can decipher. For example the enter code to a bank security vault. This job position requires knowledge of mathematics, digital logic design, and computer architecture, software, and how the internet works.

Diagnostic Medical Sonographer:

 It is kind of a doctor assistant, but only at a specific high level. The Sonographer is responsible for handling all the technical and sensitive equipment, during or after its use. He works at a hospital that has major large medical equipment. His job is also to make sure that the patient is well positioned to be examined and for operating him for the check up or the operation. He also tends to nervous patients. So the degree requirement for this job is a knowhow of technical medical stuff, nursing courses and physicist education.

Management Analyst:

It is the job of the management analyst to make sure that the life expectancy of an organization or a company is very long and successful, until at least the planed or targeted time span. A Management analyst collects all the data, revises all past , current and future plans, estimates failure and losses risks, and after analyzing each and every possible glitch in the system, he presents suggestions and recommendation for the future plans and sees it through.

So even if you have an interest in computers you don’t have to be a software or hardware engineer. You can pursue your career in cloud computing or cyber security as well, as you can do so in many other careers, which are not mentioned here. You can search other career on Google.

Every person has his own strengths and weaknesses. It is an obligation of the parents to help their children discover themselves in a more natural way, rather than imposing their own thoughts and priorities on them. A responsible and good parent will never oblige their children to follow on their footsteps, when it comes to choosing a right career path for them. They would rather prefer that their children are able to cope with their own lives and difficulties with equal zeal and passion.

To conclude it all I would just say that there are more new successful and respectable fields out there and parents should not interfere in their children’s ‘picking the career’ process by limiting their career options. Because every person is unique and it is on them to find out in which path they can flourish the best.

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