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How to make Vehicle Tracking Web Portal?

Vehicle tracking system is a very common and important project especially if you are an engineering student. So as engineering student you may not have an experience of making websites but defiantly it would be included in your project scope. I will guide you how to accomplish this task and make a simple tracking system. This may not be a very good approach but it works.

So I suppose you have setup your GSM module in your Vehicle which is getting value from GPS module and ready to send or receive via SMS. These are hardware based work if you didn’t setup anything then I suggest to dirty your hand on hardware first. I will also write tutorials about GSM and GPS latter.


So according to above block diagram we are send geo location (longitude, latitude) from GSM module via SMS Gateway to our personal website server.

I have divided this tutorial in following steps.

  1. · Create Your First PHP Web Page
  2. · Create Map Page
  3. · How to use SMS Gateway.
  4. · How to Create a Database.
  5. · Insert new location into Database using SMS API
  6. · Display location from Database on Googl Map
  7. · Update locations using Ajax Technique for Google Map
  8. · Create log or History
  9. · Simple Authentication System

Software Tools and Services

  • SublimeText or Dreamweaver
  • WampServer or XAMPP
  • FileZilla or Smart FTP
  • Google API 3


To complete this project you may need to learn following languages. If you are familiar with some of them that would be great and if not don’t worry just follow me and I hope you will not get any issue.

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • PHP
  • JavaScript
  • Ajax
  • Jquery
  • MySQL

If you are getting any issue kindly post your question in forum section. For any suggestion or mistake kindly comment here.

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