India Investing On IT

The question arises here is that Why INDIA is so famous for their foreign investors who want to invest in IT related fields(such as software development,web development,mobile application development etc)????

On top of this, there are three other factors that are paramount to the success of online growth in India.

Reasons why India investing on IT :

The first is cheaper computers. India’s IT and Telecom Ministry is heading an initiative to cut the cost of PCs, which would, in turn, help more of India’s emerging middle class find their way to the Web. According to Internet & Mobile Association of India (IAMAI), the initiative is set to make computers available for less than 10,000 rupees — or $226.

Next is the increase in website registrations under the “in” domain. According to the IAMAI, these registrations surpass 150,000. This shows that more local content is being created. And more relevant content will attract more Internet users. This is also a bonus for savvy investors, who will have a whole new sea of foreign online businesses to research.

Our third success factor is a bit unusual, but it’s a trend that can’t be easily ignored. While a majority of Indians log on for e-mail, chat and job searches, matrimonial sites are rapidly increasing in popularity. Statistics show that 15% of Indians go online for matrimonial searches.

In fact, matrimonial sites are so popular that even some major players are placing bets on their success. According to the India news site, Yahoo! and Canaan Partners invested $8.65 million in, one of India’s largest dating websites. Execs at BharatMatrimony told ZeeNews that they expect to register 2.5 million users in 2006-07, as compared to 1.5 million that we registered in 2005-06.

So while the online trends in India are obvious, the best ways to properly invest in India’s coming Internet age are hazy at best.

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