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Internships Make a Difference

Degrees Are Great, but Internships Make a Difference.

There were days when teachers and mentors used to tell their students that you should keep your grades up and take part in some co-curricular activities and even get involved with the community services for the summers. If you do these things than nothing can stop you from getting a fair and good job as soon as you graduate from a well reputed university. But sadly, the times have changed. This is the era of job recession and the survival of the fittest. Nowadays even the students with a college degree and a high GPA are searching for jobs and sitting at homes, hopeless. On the other hand, the students who might not have performed well in class, they still get a great job by the end of their graduation. Now what sets these candidates apart from their peers?

The answer is simple: an internship.

Nowadays the job hirers look for a candidate who is not just sharp in learning, but also has had a good work experience before. They even call the candidates previous hirer, where he has been an intern during his course of studies, and take their recommendation about the candidate before hiring him.

Let’s look at some facts here. According to the American public media, in a recent student survey, the National Association of Colleges and Employers found that 63 percent of paid interns in the class of 2012 had at least one job offer when they graduated. Of those who did no internship, only about 40 percent had an offer. This clearly demonstrates the fact that how much internships are important in today’s world.

An internship has numerous other benefits as well.

Internships give students an opportunity to get familiarized with their practical fields. It helps students get the touch of working in a professional environment even before actually getting a proper job. The students should take advantage of such a situation and ask as many questions as they can; a thing which would not be so much toleration in an actual professional job.

Once the students get an insight of the practical work land, they can get themselves better equipped for what they are going to face in the future. Whatever the future might hold, they would not be so surprised by it. In fact, the students would be more focused towards their goal as they would already have had some experience and would plan according to that.

A career path is never always straight and right ahead. In choosing the right career oath a person has to make some bad or tough choices. And even then, once he gets his dream job, the person might figure out that he was not made for this job to begin with. What do you think? Isn’t Changing your career path at an early stage is better than changing it when you don’t have any other option to turn to? I think most of us would answer this question as ‘yes’.

Internships also help most students to develop personal contacts as their employment circle expands. It also sharpens the leadership, team work and confidence of a person. The most important element is good communication skills. And internships are an excellent way to attain this.

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