Introduction to LCD (Interfacing a LCD with Microcontroller) Part 1

In this tutorial of Introduction to LCD (Interfacing a LCD with Microcontroller) Part 1, we will see how to interface LCD with microcontroller. The most commonly used Character based LCDs are based on Hitachi’s HD44780 controller or other which are compatible with HD44580. Below given is figure of such LCD.

Pin Details for LCD

R/W Pin

R/W pin is used select between the read or write operation. You can either send command or either send the required data to display on the LCD.

D0 to D7

D0 to D7 are used for both command and data.

RS Pin

RS pin is used to identify between the command and data. To send command to LCD, we will first set RS pin to zero. If we want to send data to LCD, we will set the RS pin as high.

Enable Pin

EN is enable pin which is used to synchronize the whole operation of sending data or command to LCD. freelancer gezocht . The LCD will not read any pins for command or data until we give high to low transition to enable pin. This is important because we want to make sure that the data on the LCD pins is right before LCD reads it. By enable pin we can control when LCD should read the data on its pins. 

Useful commands List

To send any command to LCD, simply send the required command on D0 to D7. Then clear both RS and R/W pin. In the end, give high to low transition to the enable signal. To send any character on LCD, simply send ASCII equaling of that character on pins D0 to D7. Then set RS pin and clear R/W pin. trein verbindingen . Again in the end give high to low transition to the enable pin.On each command or data display, LCD has some delay so before sending any command or data, it is important to check if the LCD is busy in any previous operation or not. learning management system . This LCD has a busy flag which appear on D7 pin. To read busy flag, you have to set LCD to read mode by setting the R/W pin as high. 

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