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Online Math Learning Resources

If your mathematics teacher or your tutor is boring and you haven’t taken your math class from  a long time and now your exams are coming then don’t worry here are some great online math learning resources which can help you to solve and understand math questions easily. One secret your math teacher may also learning math from these websites… Just kidding.


I am big fan of this guy. Really he done awesome job. PatrickJMT is online free  math tutorial website. Almost all the tutorials are uploaded at youtube. Patrick is providing tutorial on calculus1,2 and 3 and also different other topics. You can visit his webiste ( to check the complete list. To be honest i am not good in mathematics but i passed all my engineering exam with the help of his videos. So he is at number 1 in my list.

Khan academy (‎) is non profit educational organization helping students in math, physics and other subjects. Khan Academy have almost 4200 videos. Site founded by Salman Khan. You can learn everything related to your exam and videos are very good in quality. I personally watched and learn many of math topics from khan academy. You must visit the site.


Youtube1Don’t think that youtube is only for watching funny movies or songs. Youtube is a great resource of education. Daily hundreds of educational videos are being uploaded from different fields of studies. So you have to just write your topic and you can find 100’s of videos. You may also find patricjmt and khanacademy videos at youtube.



I may be missing many of great learning  mathematics websites but i only mentioned those which i used and have great experience with these sites. If you find a good one then please mention it in comments area.


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