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Online Web Development Learning Resources

In your school and college you may learn a lot of things from different areas of fields. But when you step into your professional life things changed. Your previous studies sometime cant protect your job. So only those people survive how have skills. Because job work is much different and difficult then basic studies. For this purpose you may join different small or short diploma or certificates to improve your skills. In today’s post i will tell you about some great online resources. I often use some of them when i need to work on a project. Some of them are free and some are paid but  you know where to find them if you are Pakistani or Indian (lolx!).

Lynda.comlynda-logo is one of the biggest online software and IT training center. The only problem is that you have to buy a membership. And the best thing about lynda is the finest quality. They cover everything step by step and also provide source or exercise files. And i personally think price doesn’t matter when you have access to thousands for tutorials. And all train your from very basic to professional level. If you are going to learn web development or animations you must have lynda in your mind. I love lynda tutorials and watch them again and again to improve my skills.


When we are talking about online learning resource then how can i forget w3school. W3School is one of the great site which helps developers to learn new language from very basic to advance level. You can learn HTML, HTML5 ,CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MY SQL, MS SQL, and many other languages. I often use this website for syntax and how to implement different functions.


tutsplus (

Tuts-plus is also greate fee web development resource. Hunderds of article are posted by professional web developers. You can get knowledge how to implement advance web API’s and use frameworks. You often visit tutsplus if you are a freelancer.

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