Android Robot Control using Bluetooth and Accelerometer

Last semester I just finished a  part of my final year project. The main objective was to control robot using Bluetooth. It was very easy and interesting task. There are some great tutorial about Bluetooth but its difficult for someone who really don’t know that how all android stuff works especially Electrical Engineers. I got […]


How To Make A Simple Media Player In Visual Studio 2010

How To Make A Simple Media Player In Visual Studio 2010 Download Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 and start making your first cd player program.It is very simple cd player project in visual C++ 2010.It is built using windows form application with 5 or more buttons doing their respective tasks.Visual C++ 2010 makes everything very easy,everything […]


25 Interesting Facts

1 # If you are right handed, you will tend to chew your food on your right side. If you are left handed, you will tend to chew your food on your left side. 2 # If you stop getting thirsty, you need to drink more water. For when a human body is dehydrated, its […]


HEC Quality and Research Based Ranking 2013

This is the final list of HEC Quality and Research Based Ranking 2013. The list has following categories. Agriculture/Veterinary Business Education Engineering and Tech General – Large General – Medium General – Small Medical


Engineering and Technology HEC Ranking 2013

The Higher Education Commission (HEC) has announced the Engineering and Technology ranking 2013 of Pakistani universities on the basis of quality and research.This ranking was based on the year 2011-12 data provided by HEIs. Here is a list of Engineering and Technology HEC Ranking 2013. COMSATS and NUST are out from this list because now […]


Nursing Study and Job Scope In Pakistan

Nursing Study and Job Scope In Pakistan : Why should you choose nursing as a profession? Nursing is an important component of healthcare delivery system of a country. Nurses are usually the first people that see a patient and have the most interaction with the patient in the hospital care system, therefore it is integral […]


Engineer or Doctor Stop Pushing your Child

In Pakistan, since a very long time, it is believed customary that parents choose the carrier path of their children, and mostly it is deemed respectable by many to see their children become doctors or engineers. After a long sprint of education, it is a highly mundane taboo that these two are the only major […]


Download Turbo C

Turbo c++ is small and powerful compiler to create programs based on C or C++.  Mostly Turbo C++ is used for educational purposes. It has DOS type interface. Turbo C++ was developed by Borland. Which was released in 2006. Its License type is freeware. Download Turbo C from below link. Steps to Install  Turbo C […]

Short Courses Top Institutes In Pakistan

Here is a list of Short Courses Top Institutes In Pakistan. These institutes are offering some great professional courses which will help you to improve your skill and will be a plus point to get job. EVS EVS Professional Training Institute is training division of eVentureSolutions. EVS has developed professional training centers in Lahore and […]

shot courses in pakistan

Short Summer Courses for Students

During summer vacations most of the students are free if they don’t get any internship. So don’t waste your precious time and start something which can improve your skill and your job opportunities. Here are some Short Summer Courses for Students which can help you to achieve your goals. Networking Courses CCNA CCNP MCSE Electronics Courses […]