top 5 medical colleges in pakistan

Top 5 Medical Colleges in Pakistan

Choosing the right Field means everything in this world of ours. In Pakistan a lot of fields are available to people who have completed their higher school education. This article focuses on those students that have chosen Pre-medical as there higher school education choice and are looking to gain admission in the one of the […]


Internships Make a Difference

Degrees Are Great, but Internships Make a Difference. There were days when teachers and mentors used to tell their students that you should keep your grades up and take part in some co-curricular activities and even get involved with the community services for the summers. If you do these things than nothing can stop you […]


Electrical Engineering Study and Scope

Right now a lot of people will be free from there Higher education studies and will be thinking of choosing a career path for them. Choosing a career can be a difficult process which requires a lot of thinking and judgment for it affects the rest of your life. What profession degree you choose and […]

learn web development

Online Web Development Learning Resources

In your school and college you may learn a lot of things from different areas of fields. But when you step into your professional life things changed. Your previous studies sometime cant protect your job. So only those people survive how have skills. Because job work is much different and difficult then basic studies. For […]


Online Math Learning Resources

If your mathematics teacher or your tutor is boring and you haven’t taken your math class from  a long time and now your exams are coming then don’t worry here are some great online math learning resources which can help you to solve and understand math questions easily. One secret your math teacher may also […]

pec universities islamabad pakistan

PEC Recognised Engineering Universities In Islamabad

This is the list of all the all the universities recognized by  Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC). Everybody must have to check if for PEC Accreditation if he/she is going to apply for Engineering Program. Because most of the companies only allow PEC recognized engineers to apply in their companies. PEC recoginsed universities are have much […]

bluetooth serial com

Bluetooth Serial Port Communication Testing Using HyperTerminal

If you want to make a PC controlled robot or any other Bluetooth project where you want things to be done using Bluetooth you may need serial port communication. In this tutorial I will show you how to connect and get data at HyperTerminal. I don’t have an external Bluetooth right now so I am […]


How to make Vehicle Tracking Web Portal?

Vehicle tracking system is a very common and important project especially if you are an engineering student. So as engineering student you may not have an experience of making websites but defiantly it would be included in your project scope. I will guide you how to accomplish this task and make a simple tracking system. […]


Create Your First PHP Web Page

Before creating your first php page please download and install following software tools. You can easily google. 1: SublimeText or Dreamweaver 2: WampServer or XAMPP 3: FileZilla or Smart FTP SublimeText or Dreamweaver SublimeText or Dreamweaver will be used to write HTML,PHP ,JavaScript and CSS codes. SublimeText is free but for Dreamweaver you may to […]

Non-functional requirements for an e-commerce website

Non-functional requirements for an e-commerce website : There are many non-functional requirements for an e-commerce website,but we will consider some of them.Most computer-based systems perform some automated procedures or processes; even the simplest website enables a visitor to navigate around the site to find information. More complex websites verify visitors and may automate transactions through […]