Download Atmel AVR Studio 6 Free

Atmel Studio 6 is the IDE for developing and debugging Atmel ARM and Atmel AVR microcontroller applications. Atmel Studio 6 System Requirements Supported Operating Systems Windows XP (x86) with Service Pack 3 – all editions except Starter Edition Windows Vista (x86 & x64) with Service Pack 1 – all editions except Starter Edition Windows 7 […]


Design Spark PCB Download Free

The software has not restriction on the size of the circuit board, out put types, Pin Counters and with the layers. The software is mainly used as schematic capture, generating and manufacturing files. It was analyzed that there are no limitation in designing the circuit boards. The user can design 1m squared on board size […]


Download PCB 123 Free

It is unique software and provides the easy solution in building the complete circuit board and designing for prototyping requirements and software have also got ability to covert schematic to layout. PCB 123 is also equipped with the facility to import the netlist from numerous vendors of CAD. The library is operational with 145,000 parts. […]



A brief INTRODUCTION TO 8051 MICROCONTROLLER WHAT IS A MICROCONTROLLER? All of the components needed for a controller were built right onto one chip.Thus A one chip computer, or microcontroller was born.A microcontroller is a highly integrated chip which includes, on one chip, all or most of the parts needed for a controller.The microcontroller could […]


Matlab GUI Tutorial Very Basic

So are you planning to learn Matlab GUI so in this article you will find some really good material to start Matlab GUI from basic. Matlab GUI Tutorial Very Basic by Data Mining Tools Summary of Above Presentation: 1. Matlab: Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs)2. GUIs Graphical User Interfaces provide the users a rich and hassle […]


Top 10 Engineering Universities of Pakistan

In Pakistan there are numerous numbers of universities which are working as engineering universities and aiding the student with vast information and knowledge. However, according to Higher Education Commission (HEC) below are the top ten ranking engineering universities of Pakistan. Top 10 Engineering Universities of Pakistan Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences (PIEAS) Islamabad […]


UJT: Unijunction Transistor

UJT stand for Unijunction Transistor, as clear from its name it has only one PN junction. So it is not member of thyristor family. The UJT have one PN junction like an ordinary diode but differ from diode because it has three terminals, as clear from it symbol.The UJT is differ from the bipolar junction […]


ExpressPCB Download Free

ExpressPCB is a software which is use to make schematic and also design PCB.The ExpressPCBSetup program includes both ExpressSCH for drawing schematics and ExpressPCB for circuit board layout. Download the setup program below. After downloading, run the ExpressPCBSetup program. Time Warner Cable Cable Offers . Installation program is very straightforward. Download ExpressPCB for XP, 2000 […]


Radar: Introduction and Working Principle

The word radar is an abbreviation for radio detection and ranging. It uses the reflection of electromagnetic waves to detect an object at a distance that cannot be observed visually. From its serious use in 1940s. During the world war two where it allowed the British Air Force to detect German bomber before they become […]


Photo Transistors Applications

A type of transistor in which base current is produced when light strikes the photo sensitive semiconductor base region.Figure shows a circuit in which the relay is de-energized by incident light on the photo-transistor when there is insufficient light, the photo transistor is in cutoff and maximum positive voltage appears at the base of Q2 […]