Learning Web Design Third Edition by Jennifer Niederst Robbins

Learning Web Design Third Edition by Jennifer Niederst Robbins is a Beginners Guide to (X)HTML, Style Sheets, and Web GraphicsEverything you need to know to create professional web sites is right here. fundacion nueva escuela . Learning Web Design starts from the beginning — defining how the Web and web pages work — and builds […]


Palindrome Code Simulation at Proteus Using Atmega16

So its time to test our program. If you still unfamiliar that what we are doing so here a little introduction for you.We are Making an palindrome code in assembly language. First we developed our logic then we wrote a code and we had saved this code in hex file and now we are going […]

Binary code

Palindrome Program Using Assembly Language Code

In this post we will write Palindrome Program Using Assembly Language Code. For basic concept for Palindrome Program please take a look at my previous post “Palindrome Program Using Assembly Language Basic Concept” Please note that the register may not be same as i used in previous post. start: LDI R16,0X00 LDI R17,0XFF LDI R28,0X04 […]


Palindrome Program Using Assembly Language Basic Concept

Today we are going to make an program which will show that number is Palindrome or not using Assembly Language for Atmega16.Here is our question. Write a code that detects whether a number is Palindrome or not . If they are equal set the 5th bit of DDRC and PORTC registers. Otherwise set the 3rd […]

Download Packet Tracer

Packet Tracer is a very useful tool for students who want to learn and experiment networking. Packet Tracer is a product of Cisco. Steps to use Packet Tracer 5.2After downloading you can install the software on your PC.Step 1 – Start Packet Tracer And have A Look At The InterfaceThe bottom left-hand corner of the Packet […]


How to develop Android Applications step by step.

Some days ago i attended Android Application workshop at NUST(MCS) Rawalpindi organized by FAST University students. That was 5 days workshop. So I have ┬ádecided to share all metrial and some extra stuff for those who are willing to learn Android application development. Android Application Workshop Day 1 Introduction Android application Development Android Handout-Day1 Android […]


Employer Mangment System using C++

Employer Mangment System using C++ is semester based project for Introduction to computer programming. This project is using file handling. It would be helpful for newbies. This is project is not based on OOP. The code has following parts. 1) Show Employers Database2) Add a new Record3) Delete a record4) Search a Record5) Show all […]


Probability Papers by Ms Humaira Ali

Order Best Comcast Deals . Here are some old papers by Ms Humaira Ali for student of Comsats Islambad. I will also tried to provide solution for each question related to these paers.   Terminal Examination 2011           Terminal Examination 2011(Fall)    


Continuous Convolution using Matlab GUI

Continious Time Convolution with slider Preview This is semester project for signal and system. Its about continuous time integral convolution.  The project is very simple and not for complex functions but you can add more and more options if you want with a little help. The project name is based on GUI so there are […]


Facebook Video sharing fix

 Today’s most hot topic about facebook which is causing for most of facebook lovers is unnecessary videos that are being shared when you login to your account with your friends and family.We have some tips for you to fix this type of problem. Hope you will get fixed everything. So follow some simple steps.1: First […]