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Short Summer Courses for Students

During summer vacations most of the students are free if they don’t get any internship. So don’t waste your precious time and start something which can improve your skill and your job opportunities.

Here are some Short Summer Courses for Students which can help you to achieve your goals.

Networking Courses

  • CCNA
  • CCNP
  • MCSE

Electronics Courses

  • PLC (Programmable Logic Control)
  • SCDA
  • PCB Designing & Fabrication
  • Microcontroller

Telecom Courses

  • Optical Fiber splicing
  • Computer Networks

Computer Courses

  • Esthetical Hacking
  • Linux / Unix
  • Game Development
  • Web Development (PHP, MYSQL)
  • Graphic and Animation Program

Short Courses Top Institutes In Pakistan

  • National Institute of Science and Technical Education (NISTE)
  • National Institute of Electronics (NIE)
  • Skill Development Council, Islamabad
  • EVS
  • Corvit

If you know any other better short course and institute kindly post in your comments and I will update the list.

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