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Software Engineering Universities in Pakistan


According to a definition from the IEEE Computer Society, “Software engineering is the application of a systematic, disciplined, quantifiable approach to the design, development, operation, and maintenance of software, and the study of these approaches; that is, the application of engineering to software.” Software development, a much more used and generic term, does not quantify the entire Software Engineering regime.

Software engineering, although directed towards a unique definition of tasks, is a very broad field to say the least. The present world of computing uses software development and integration in almost every walk of life. Hardware capability of a computer system is limited to use by the extent of the quality of the software being run on it. A heavy inefficient software demands much more computing strength than required for running the task. With ever increasing computing power, software technology has opened new avenues in the fields of computer aided simulation. Real time data acquisition methods help formulate a problem on a computer with almost real-life like results.

Software engineering is often mixed with Computer Engineering. Although not mutually independent, the two fields possess very different purposes and require entirely different skillsets to operate. Speaking in context of an automobile, Computer Engineering manufactures the engine while Software Engineering plays the role of the driver who runs the car.


Software Engineering Universities in Pakistan

Below is a list of universities recognized by PEC for Software Engineering taken from

  • National University of Sciences and Technology, Islamabad
  • COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Islamabad
  • Bahria University
  • Fatima Jinnah Women University, Rawalpindi
  • University of Engineering and Technology
  • Foundation University Islamabad
  • Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering Sciences and Technology, Topi
  • NWFP University of Engineering & Technology, Peshawar (Main Campus)
  • Mehran University of Engineering and Technology, Jamshoro
  • NED University of Engineering and Technology, Karachi


Job Scope for Software Engineering

In Pakistan, Software Engineering met its peak demand around the start of the last decade. Although, the scope of software engineering has alleviated over the past few years in Pakistan, it experiences a continuous increase in demand all over the world. According to a US technical magazine, Software Engineering is the fastest growing job in the world and is likely to become the most paid job near 2020. Companies of the magnitude of Google, Yahoo, Dell, Facebook, Intel and Microsoft all are made from Software Engineers at their core.

Software Engineering is in high demand in the private sector in Pakistan. Low economy firms employ a high number of software engineers to carry out basic data handling jobs. New websites in Pakistan has also created new job opportunities for software engineers. The continuous expansion in the IT sector of Pakistan will surely saturate the engineering industry with Software Engineers. Although not at the first priority of many students, software engineering is one of the most promising fields to start your career.

Main Subjects in Software Engineering

Software Engineering usually overlaps with computer engineering for several of its undergraduate courses. It includes the following major subjects.

  • Algorithms and Computing –Instance of logic written in software
  • Data Structures – Organizing and storing data
  • Logic and Sequential Circuit Design – Synthesis and Analysis of Sequential Circuits
  • Artificial Intelligence Concepts – Study of developing ‘intelligent’ software
  • Digital Signal Processing – Mathematical manipulation of an information signal
  • Digital Image Processing – Image processing using computer algorithms
  • Database Engineering – Defining constraints and parameters for data storage
  • Electronic Banking – Deals with software related to online banking
  • Internet Computing – Studies the basics of programming for the World Wide Web
  • Compiler Writing – Developing code generation software

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  • blue1122

    can you tell me that is there any scope of software engineering from NEDUET..i’m interested in taking it…plz help me..some says that only FAST holds a scope in this field..others are usually low including ned??? is it true

    • Raza

      Karachi University or Fast. Ned introduce Software Engineering in 2010. I never see the NED Product in Market Yet.

    • Ali Shah Meghani

      Fast is best University For Software Engineering.. If you want to apply in other field of Eingineering so you will look forward for Ned and Nust.. But for Sotfware FAST is best.. Em also doing Software Engineering from Fast University.. Good Educational System and best University In my ranking 😛 …

      • Lucky Alex

        can I apply software eengineering with matrix base

        • red flower



        i also wanna do sftwr engg plz do tl me abt FAST adm is opn or ciloseD

      • MarEya KouSa

        I ALSO WANNA Do sftwr engg.. yEt i didn gt adm.. plz do inform me about FAST adm opn or closed..

  • blue1122

    can you tell me that whether ned university software engineering carries any good scope or not????

  • Saad Akram

    Can i apply for software engineering being a medical student in FSC ?

    • Nauman

      No, you cant. You have to pass math subject.

      • Sadeed Ud din

        Sir g main balochistn sy hun.main software engineering karna chahta hun islamabad or rawalpindi main kisi university ka nam btana sarkari ho aur humara cota bhe lagy balochistan wala keon k mera 1 devotion nhe hy please mujhy mashwara dena

    • ijax

      you gotta study mathematics as additional subject.

    • red flower

      after studying aditional math

  • hassan

    can i do software engering after

    • Umer


    • red flower

      additional math parhne k baad

  • Raza

    University Of Karachi Also Offering Software Engineering

  • Zeeshan Rasheed

    can i apply for software engineering after B.S.C (double computer)..?????

    • ijax

      yes, u can.

  • DaXing Mahmood

    can i apply for software engenering ihave done unter in commerce field please reply me

    • DaXing Mahmood

      rply me pleasee

      • Nauman

        You should pass to get admission

        • DaXing Mahmood

          how much time got

        • Muhammad Shoaib

          i got 347 marks in F.S.C in Ist year can i do software engineering if i get 700 marks in F.S.C. please reply me fast

  • hamza khan

    Is comsats is recognised by neac and what other university are ?? Plz reply me

  • hashaam

    sir I am doing ICS ,subjects are statistics math and computer….my question is this, can I do software engineering in future?… plz reply…

    • Anonymous

      Can we ? Please guide me . I have the same question?

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    sir mai ne 10th class pass ke hai ab mai softwere ka doplema karna chatan hoo kia ya metric ka bad hota hai je aap plz mujhen batayia ga




    reply me plz i”m doing ICS ,SBJCTS R MATHS,PHY,COMPUTER

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    sir mry F.S.C ma 535 marks hn mera softwear eng ma admisson ho skta ha…

  • Muhammad Shoaib

    i got 347 marks in F.S.C in Ist year can i do software engineering if i get 700 marks in F.S.C. please reply me fast

  • sohaib khan

    i got 57% marks in fsc pre engineering and i have 79% marks in matriculation exam sir , can i get admission in software engineering if i show u better performs in NTS test i,ll be very thankful anyone ho will guide me in this cases ……>>>plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz tell me>!!!!!

  • Hamza

    as above comsats software engineering program is accredited from PEC but it is not true according to pec website what is the reality?