Software Export figures of Pakistan

According to a survey and data released on the research of Software Export figures of Pakistan, only 17 out of 140 software companies share their annual export figures with the relevant authorities which is the major cause for lower than official export figures. The country’s export of software and IT-enabled services rose to $116 million in 2006-07 from $72 million a year before, against the target of $108 million set by PSEB. The IT industry emerged the fastest growing sector a few years ago. According to the data released by the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP), the country received foreign remittances of $64 million till February 2007, as against $42 million received in July-Feb 2005-06.

As a side note, the freelance IT economy in Pakistan is on the rise also. Based on unofficial figures obtained through private discussions with various online freelancing outfits, Pakistan based freelancers ranked in anywhere from US $50 million to US $70 million in 2012-13.Unfortunately only 10%-20% of this gets into Pakistan as export revenue and the rest either stays outside or doesn’t get recognized as IT export revenue.

IBA students are working on a study with assistance from the Overseas Investors Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s IT committee. The report, to be published in a few months, underlines that by 2020, Pakistan can easily have a million jobs and exports of $10 billion in the IT industry

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