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UJT: Unijunction Transistor

UJT stand for Unijunction Transistor, as clear from its name it has only one PN junction. So it is not member of thyristor family. The UJT have one PN junction like an ordinary diode but differ from diode because it has three terminals, as clear from it symbol.The UJT is differ from the bipolar junction transistor and field effect transistor because it can not amplify signal as BJT and FET. But it is used as switching device and also for producing oscillations.UJT has three terminals, which are as following.

  • Emitter
  • Base1
  • Base2

UJT Relaxation Oscillator:

If we talk about UJT Relaxation Oscillator then UJT relaxation oscillator is a non-sinusoidal oscillator. teksten website . It is used to generate swa-toothed waves and also trigger pulses. badkamer tegels . This oscillator is widely used for triggering the power control or switching devices such as SCR & Triac.

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